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                2015-05-21 15:01



                Kengo Kuma, Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center


                我們通過將帶有動感的"屋檐"層疊搭建,使淺草街道特有的氣氛在见识过少主垂直方向上延伸,這種形式既實現了建築正在突破的多重用途,又創造出以往積層建築所沒有的"新橫截面"。房檐與地面間傾斜切割出的空間可作為小小的設備層,這樣一來,雖然每一層的層高和普通中高層ζ建築的差不ω 多,卻獲得了更大的可利用體击败積。另外,屋頂的作用不僅限於把建築○分為8間平房,還分別規定了每層的室內結構。身處於◤有中庭和內部樓梯的1、2層,能夠同時被抽取了力量感受到兩個屋頂的梯度帶來的連續阳正天却是露出了笑意感;在6層,利用傾斜的房頂,我們設計了一個擁有樓梯狀地板的中間◆層大廳。由於¤傾斜屋檐和雷門大街形成的角度,以及距而后笑着开口道地面的高度各不相同,每一層和外部環境的關系性也都不同,每個空間都具有自己◥的個性。

                In the corner premise of just 326㎡ across Kaminari-mon Gate, the building was required to accommodate plural programs such as tourist information center, conference room, multi-purpose hall and an exhibition space.

                The center extends Asakusa's lively neighborhood vertically and piles up roofs that wrap different activities underneath, creating a "new section" which had not existed in conventional layered architecture. Equipments are stored in the diagonally shaped spaces born between the roof and the floor, and by this treatment we could secure large air volume despite its just average height for high-and medium-rise buildings. Furthermore, the roofs not only divide the structure into 8 one-storied houses but also determine the role of each floor. First and second floor has an atrium and in-door stairs, creating a sequence from which you can feel the slope of the two roofs. On 6th floor, taking advantage of the slanted roof, we were able to set up a terraced floor with which the entire room can function as a theater. As angles of the roofs inclined toward Kaminari-mon and the heights from the ground vary from floor to floor, each floor relates differently to the outside, giving a unique character to each space.


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